About Me

I am currently a systems engineer and database administrator in Pegasystems Global Customer Service department. I have worked for Pega for 20+ years and bring passion and dedication to my work, and in my spare time I enjoy building websites, running an online and physical store with my wife, Sherri and manage several family Minecraft Servers teaching creativity and survival skills.

I am also a pastor in the Universal Life Church and was blessed to have married one couple and renew the marriage vows of several friends of ours. 

My writing experience includes many technical articles, as well as recognition from the International Poetry Society and recognized by the American Honor's Society.  I am the author of "Beginner's Guide For I.S.S.R. Shiloh Shepherd Owners" book tailored to new puppy owners and how to provide basic training (to any dog), show in a ring and knowing medical conditions that many dogs face - some breed specific and some across all lines of dogs. 

I am currently involved in two projects that I hold near and dear to my heart.  The first is about our long names and how the world is still unprepared to support long names in computer software.  The other project is to provide hard to find disability services to everyone via a CMS Website.  Designed to be interactive, supportive and updated frequently with those services that someone may be searching for.  For more information, check out my Links page.  For details about my professional career, you can read my resume here.

My wife and I live in North Carolina, on five acres in the foothills, where we enjoy our beautiful four Shiloh Shepherds, a Papillon, four cats and spending time online with our children and grandchildren.